Sunday, November 14, 2010

Selected Comics

And for the finale, my two page comic, the likes of which I have not yet recreated, looking more like Franlin Booth's variation on the Book of Kells...

Throughout the semester, my class got an opportunity to create weekly comics (that's the 3 paneled ones you see) and some major ones, requiring more planning, etc. I, of course, was a newcomer to the whole idea of a comic strip, always relying on artists like Herluf Bidstrup, Paul Madonna, and sometimes even Goya and the middle age manuscripts, for my ideas. Mostly, every project made me slightly uneasy, since putting my work up on the wall meant noticing how remarkably un-comic it was, completely different from what that genre usually asks for; but now that I look at them, somehow the fresh perspective brings something different to the table.

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